Christmas Basket - It's never Saturday again!

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Material: Cabaz em Cesta de Vime

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This basket is dedicated to the most impatient and hurried people, who already only think about Christmas Eve. This year Christmas happens on a weekend, so it's a reason to say "It's never Saturday again!" The most emblematic ingredients of the most special night of the year are found in this basket, including codfish.

This cabaz is composed of:

Superior Red Wine - Arribas do Douro

Port Wine Poças 10 years

Dried Salted Cod Loins Norway approx. 700g - Mar Dá

Ham from Barrancos Reserve 100g - Casa do Porco Preto

Tuna Patê - Porthos

Milk Chocolate Tongue of Cat 210g - Arcádia

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Premium 500ml - Relevo

Set 3 wine accessories

Wicker Basket or Premium Cardboard Box

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