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Produced by a centennial and 100% national company, Pato Real rice is a natural product that results from a rigorous process of raw material selection and quality control and food safety throughout the production process.

From the rice fields to your table, there is a special care to ensure the quality and homogeneity of the grains of each type of rice to maintain its particular characteristics in terms of flavor and texture throughout the year. With a more nutritious grain and very resistant to cooking, Pato Real Vaporized rice guarantees a rice that is always loose even if it goes beyond cooking times. Excellent results after refrigeration and reheating.

Ingredients: Extra Steamed Long Rice

Storage Conditions: Store at room temperature, in a cool, dry place.

Cooking time: ±18-20 minutes

Portion: 14

Net weight: 1 kg

Produced by a 100% national family company.

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