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Seaweed Bio | Dried | 30g

Sea Vegetable with an intense sea flavor, it is ready to be consumed.

WISSI, a Portuguese seaweed brandbrings to the table the best that can be found at the bottom of the oceans and presents a selection of sea vegetables that combine an enormous gastronomic potential with incalculable health benefits.

True superfoods, with a unique combination of essential vitamins and minerals, seaweeds act on the level of well-being and better functioning of the human body, namely improving bone health and blood pressure, strengthening hair, skin, and nails, cognitive and brain function, good kidney function, and also increasing satiety, favoring weight loss.

Don't know how to cook seaweed?

Get to know one of our suggestions here.


FAO Zone no27 Northeast Atlantic


Natural source of Fiber, Magnesium and Iodine. No added sugars.

GMO Declaration

The seaweed does not contain any genetically modified organism (GMO)
and during production process no genetic engineering is used.
There is no contamination with genetically modified organisms during the
processing of the product.
Seaweed is not covered by the traceability and labeling standards of
genetically modified organisms.


May contain traces of mollusks, crustaceans and fish.

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