3 - Privacy and Data Protection Policy

3.1 Introduction

The navigation on Unique Flavours' website and the registration as a customer in the online store assumes the understanding and acceptance of this Privacy Policy and Data Protection.
The Unique Flavours maintains a constant concern for the protection of personal data privacy and preventive action regarding the security of the site and data protection of its customers and visitors.
To reinforce the guarantees of confidentiality of personal data, new data protection measures were implemented, both in terms of verification of the legitimacy of use of personal data processed, as well as to ensure compliance with the rights recognized to the holders of such data. In this context, and through the specialization of customer support channels, Unique Flavours intends to promote clearer and more objective communication of the purposes underlying the processing of personal data and transparency of processing operations.
Thus, the information contained in this text is intended to convey, clearly and unambiguously, the content of the privacy policy and protection of personal data that will be subject to processing under the General Data Protection Regulation in force (hereinafter RGPD) and as delimited by the content of the business relationship to be established between the data subject and Unique Flavours.

3.2 - Types of personal data collected

In general terms, personal data are collected in three situations directly arising from the activity of Unique Flavours:

3.2.1. user registration: creation of the customer account Unique Flavours and purposes of data processing
For the purpose of creating the customer account, a personal area is provided where the customer must enter the data necessary for their identification as a customer. The realization of the first purchase will depend on the provision of additional personal data, essential for processing the order and its delivery.

The mandatory fields in the forms available for those stages of registration are marked with an asterisk (*).

The Unique Flavours is committed to protecting customer data and these will never be made available to third parties without the knowledge or consent of the holder, as required by law. When processing the customer's order, it is possible that certain personal data (such as address and zip code) are disclosed to third parties for the sole purpose of prevention and detection of fraud and always following a request to that effect by the competent authorities.

In addition, when you make a purchase on the siteyou will also be asked for data concerning the delivery address and payment details in order to ensure the greatest possible efficiency and compliance with delivery times.

The data provided will be kept for as long as strictly necessary, which normally corresponds to the term of existence of the customer's account. For this reason, at the moment the customer activates the cancellation of the customer account, the personal data will be definitively erased, with the exception of the data necessary for the fulfillment of legal obligations that will be stored in a database for this purpose and for the time absolutely necessary. If you wish to place a new order on the siteyou must make a new initial registration, being subject to the terms and conditions in force on the date of registration.

We may also collect other information about your experience on the site for the sole purpose of improving the service to you, which we will do after confirmation of knowledge and, when necessary, after the express consent of the owner of the personal data. For the purposes of evaluation and certification of the quality of service and the effectiveness of response from Unique Flavoursinformation is shared with entities specializing in this area, including eKomi Ltd., Trustpilot and Trustedshop.

The completion of customer registration will trigger a registration confirmation to the e-mail address that the customer associate with the customer account and will include a link to this text.

Regarding updating customer datawhenever you want to check the data you provided to Unique Flavours, the customer can do so in your personal area. The customer should keep the access data to your account safe, since any action or request made (o) through your account will be your responsibility, provided that the procedures for validating the identity of the customer described below are met.

We recommend that you do not save your password in your browseras another person with access to your computer may access your personal information.

For what purpose are the collected data used?

Customer data is processed in order to carry out actions such as processing orders, notifying the customer of any changes in the functionalities
of the websitecarrying out surveys and evaluating interactions for statistical purposes.
We may also periodically send you information about products and services, campaigns, promotions and special offers by e-mail. If you do not wish to be contacted for these purposes, you can unsubscribe from the newsletter by doing opt-out on the Manage Permissions tab in the account data area or by clicking the link link provided in the text of the newsletter for that specific purpose.




3.2.2 - Customer contact with Unique Flavours

Whenever the customer, on its own initiative, contacts Unique Flavours in order to obtain information about the products, about the purchase process, about the order status or to report any situation related to the site, a Unique Flavours may need to collect additional personal data for various purposes that will be, in this case, specifically communicated, but that generally may fall under the following situations:

(i) confirm the identity of the customer and the reason for the contact.

To ensure that the contact is actually being established by the data subject, Unique Flavours has implemented measures to strengthen the confirmation of the identity of the interlocutor for cases where the contact is established by telephone.
Thus, as of May 25, 2018, the operator will only proceed with the call after communicating, in clear and objective terms, the purpose and the conditions for validating the customer's identity and the customer's express confirmation of the intention to proceed with the contact under such conditions.

In this context, the operator will first ask the customer for permission to access the purchase history of the last 6 (six) months and then ask the customer to indicate one or more products purchased in previous orders.
Alternatively, and following the description of this identity validation mechanism, an alphanumeric validation code may be sent to the telephone contact or e-mail address registered in your customer account, which the customer must transmit to the operator during the initiation of the call.

After validating the customer's identity, the operator will ask key questions based on the description of the reason for the contact, in order to make a framework of the situation and, eventually, forward it to a Customer Service employee specialized in the subject matter.
The eventual recording of the call for the purpose of evaluating the quality of the service will depend on the client's prior and express consent to this effect.

Whenever communications are exchanged between the customer and the Customer Service and as soon as it is considered resolved the situation that led to the customer's contact with Unique Flavours, will be sent to the customer an email message with confirmation of the update of the status of the complaint / request for information. The personal data included in the process associated with the initial contact will be kept for a period of 30 months, after which they will be permanently deleted. Also for exclusively statistical purposes, if the customer consents, his or her opinion as to the level of satisfaction with the customer service provided will be registered. This record will not imply the filing of any personal data, but only the level of evaluation through pseudonomization.

3.2.3 Contact of Unique Flavours with the customer
In the context of processing a specific order, the need may arise for Unique Flavours to contact the customer. Unique

Flavours contact the customer for:
(i) confirmation or rectification of some of the personal data required to complete the delivery process (e.g. delivery address). In these cases, the contact will be made to the mobile phone number listed in the customer file and, once the connection is established, the operator will proceed to


confirmation of the caller's identity by following, if necessary, the procedure described in point 2.2.2./i) above.

ii) inform the customer that a message has been sent to his message box in the customer-account due to the stock out verification stock shortage of one or more items of the order in question and that, as an alternative to the unavailability of products, the refund of the amount paid or replacement by similar products, as provided in point 1.4. of the General Conditions of Sale.

3.2.4. Cookies and other Marketing Tools Classification and description of Cookies

As to type:

Essential - enable navigation on the site and the use of its features. Without these cookiescookies, requests cannot be processed.

Functional or Performance Cookies - collect information about how you use
the site with a view to improving the functionality of the site. Allow to verify which areas of greatest interest to the customer, measuring the effectiveness of promotional campaigns. Thus, Unique Flavours can understand which products and promotions best fit the interests and needs of the customer through: the development of statistics based on the customer's non-individualized behavior and the consequent use of the sitemeasuring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns; the consequent introduction of improvements in navigation, etc., with the sole purpose of improving the performance and effectiveness of the site. For this reason, also cookies cookies provided by authorized third parties are used for the purposes indicated herein.

Analytics - used anonymously for statistical purposes and to improve the functioning of the sitewithout ever collecting personal information. They allow us to highlight articles that may be of interest to customers or visitors, to monitor the performance of the performance of, determine the most effective method of linking between pages or even why some pages are receiving error messages.

Regarding validity:

Permanent - stored on the customer's computer or equipment, between browser sessions, to maintain settings or preferences and to improve the use of the site on the next visit. Some of these cookies are provided by authorized third parties, being limited to the following purposes: to present campaigns and products that may be of interest to the customer; retargeting (advertising Unique Flavours products on websites of partners or social networks without storing personal data or user profiles, so it does not imply the transmission of any personal data to third parties because the advertising is completely anonymous).


Session - limited to each of the sessions initiated by the user, and therefore expire whenever a session is terminated in the browser. They may have the purpose of indicating products previously placed in the shopping cart, identifying problems and ensuring a better browsing experience. Some cookies session cookies may also be a guarantee of increased security.

Cookies used on the website Unique Flavours:Strictly necessary


of Cookie


Ufid _am

Other cookiesName of Cookie




__redir, __rrid, __rridul, __clkid, __sid_ot, __usrid_ot, __vh_ot, __cph_ot, __rfa_ot

nws_ck selected_elem

incap_ses_, visid_incap_

This cookie is a "session cookie cookie" and lets us know who you are as you move from one page to another.

Used to check if you are using the desktop version or mobile version of the site.


Used to save the store and language you have chosen.

Created when you select the "keep me logged in" option when you log in. Does not save personal information, such as username or password. This information is deleted when you log out.

Used to show/hide pop-ups pop-ups about "contests".

Used to track page views and visits anonymously.

Used to show/hide "the mobile bar".

Used to store data about actions that require login (enable them after login).

Cookies that start with "BIGipServer" (cookie persistent BIG-IP cookie) are used to improve performance and security on the site.

Cookies that begin with "incap_ses_" or "visid_incap_" are used to improve performance and security on the site.

Cookies from Third PartiesGoogle Analytics


of Cookie


_ga _gat






Cookie Cookie



Used to distinguish users.
Used to speed up the percentage of requests.

Used to distinguish users and sessions. O cookie is created when the javascript library library is executed and there is no cookie __utma. O cookie cookie is updated whenever data is sent to Google Analytics.

Used to determine new sessions/visits. O cookie is created when the javascript library library is executed and there is no cookie __utmb. O cookie cookie is updated whenever data is sent to Google Analytics.

It is not used. Previously, this cookie worked in conjunction with
the cookie __utmb cookie to determine if the user was in a new session/visit.

Stores the traffic source or campaign that explains how the user arrived at our site. O cookie is created when the javascript library library is executed and is updated whenever data is sent to Google Analytics.


These cookies are used by YouTube to store user preferences and some contain enough information to be tracked.


of Cookie


User Uid ID automatically generated and uniquely assigned
di/dt Cookies maintenance cookies that help manage the expiry of other cookiesBt Modeling user interests
Uvc Measures how many times we see an AddThis user.

ssc/psc/uvc Estes cookies are used to record what users share and their social activity.




__atuvc, __atuvs



Geolocation, used to help advertisers understand roughly where the people sharing information are located.

Created and read by AddThis, JavaScript site for sharing on social networks.

Used to bypass any security restrictions based on the user's IP address. Contains no personal information about the user.


of Cookie


To enable and disable cookies and similar technologies
The newsletters and other communications may, for statistical purposes, contain information allowing to know if they are opened and to verify the clicks through links links within them. However, the customer is always given the option to cancel the sending of the newsletter or the communication by e-mail through the specific option mentioned in it.
In addition, in the Help menu of your browser used, the customer will be able to manage the use of cookies and other similar technologies. As indicated in the message visible at the top of this page, access to the online store Unique Flavours presupposes the use of cookiesand the deactivation of these may affect navigation on the site.
For more information, we suggest consulting the information available in each
of the browsers or consulting articles with specific information on the subject (for example, http://www.allaboutcookies.org). Individualized product promotion communications

Depending on whether the customer opts for the standard experience or custom experienceUnique Flavours may or may not send e-mail messages in the form of notification
or newslettersthrough which it carries out general or targeted promotional campaigns to the customer. In both cases, the reception of such communications is only made after verification that the customer has given his consent expressly and unequivocally and that the same was informed of his right to cancel, at any time, the permissions granted for such purposes. The customer may, at any time, check which permissions have been granted for the processing of personal data in the "Manage Permissions" tab of his or her Client Area.

The processing of personal data carried out within the individualized communications is made in strict compliance with RGPD, either by employees of Unique Flavours, or by any third parties to whom such data are transmitted for the purpose of performing the services necessary for the implementation of promotional campaigns. Redirection

Some links on this site redirect the customer to websites sites, partners of Unique Flavours. By clicking these links, you are leaving the site Unique Flavours site. As it is not possible to make any control over these sitesUnique Flavours will have no responsibility for any content made available on these sites.

3.3 Security of Processing

Unique Flavours uses one of the online ordering systems online ordering system systems that exist and is constantly improving its software. softwarein order to offer the highest possible security to its customers. A server certificate, also known as digital certificate, ensures our identity, as well as SSL encryption (Secure Sockets Layer - Secure Sockets Layer Protocol) of the transmitted data.

3.4 Purpose Limitation, Access and Retention

Unique Flavours is committed to using the personal data of its customers and visitors for the purposes strictly necessary for the pursuit of its business, with the limitations arising from the scope of the same or the extent of the consent expressly granted by the holder. This also means that the data will not be transmitted to any third party without the knowledge and / or authorization in cases where Unique Flavours is legally required.

In this sense, Unique Flavours also ensures that access to such data by its employees is made only to the extent necessary to perform the action in question, being identified and tracked according to the functions and tasks that are assigned to them under the contractual relationship that unites them.

3.5. Data Subject Rights
3.5.1 Right to information and access to personal data
The Customer may at any time request information about the personal data stored, both with regard to the category of personal data concerned, the origin and recipient(s) of the data, the duration of the storage period and the underlying purposes, and with regard to the identification of the data controller, the data protection officer and their contact details.
In the event of manifestly unfounded or excessive exercise of the right to information, Unique Flavours may make the duty to respond subject to payment of a fee amounting to 100.00 €/hour (one hundred euros per hour). This amount shall be paid within five working days of receipt of the payment instructions, which shall be sent by written message to the e-mail address provided by the data subject and/or by SMS to the mobile contact registered in his or her customer account or indicated in the request to provide the information in question.

3.5.2 Right to rectification and right to erasure of personal data

If you wish to exercise your right to rectify your data, you should send your request, identifying the data to be modified and the new wording of the same, by e-mail to
or by registered letter sent to the data controller: Dynamic Avenue Lda, Rua D. João I, n.256, freguesia de Matosinhos, 4450-162 Matosinhos. The same procedure should be followed if the customer wishes to exercise his right to the elimination of personal data. In both cases, the customer will receive confirmation, through the same channel used, that his or her request has been answered as requested.

3.5.3 Right to object and to withdraw prior consent

In reinforcement of the principle of transparency in the processing of personal data and communications with the customer, Unique Flavours allows the customer, at any time, to modify the permissions of data processing granted for each of the purposes indicated. Through the functionalities opt-in e opt-out available for the purposes of activating and deactivating the permissions granted, in the "Manage Permissions" tab of the personal account, the customer can modify or revoke previous consents, particularly those given for the purpose of receiving advertising campaigns, newsletters and other individualized communications aimed at optimizing the relationship Unique Flavours / customer or the browsing experience (custom experience).

To ensure the right to revoke consent and limitation of time of processing of personal data, Unique Flavours provides the customer access to the history of permissions management actions on the tab "Manage Permissions" in the personal area, in the option History of Permissions.

3.6. Changes to the Privacy Policy and Contacts

3.6.1 Any changes made to this Privacy and Data Protection Policy will be published on the website of Unique Flavours, being all versions prior to this one available here.
3.6.2 As provided by RGPD, the commercial company Dynamic Avenue Ltd, collective number 514401486, headquartered at Rua D. João I, n. 256, 4450-162 Matosinhos, is responsible for the processing of personal data.

3.6.3 Irregularities, situations of non-compliance and any security restrictions in the processing of personal data should be immediately reported to the Data Protection Officer of Unique Flavours by sending an email to: geral@uflavours.com.