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- Free shipping only to continental Portugal;
- Orders weighing less than or equal to 10Kg.

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Purchases up to 39,99€ are taxed depending on the order's weight:

CTT Express 24H-48H 0kg-5kg 5,05 €
CTT Express 24H-48H 5kg- 10kg 5,54 €
CTT Express 24H-48H 10kg-20kg 6,09 €
CTT Express 24H-48H 20kg-30kg 9,99 €

MRW 24-48H 0kg-2kg 5,61 €
MRW 24-48H 2kg-5kg 5,78 €
MRW 24-48H 5kg-10kg 6,32 €

MRW Delivery until 13H day after 0kg-2kg 6,38 € *
MRW Delivery until 13H day after 2kg-5kg 6,59 € *
MRW Delivery until 13H day after 5kg-10kg 8,87 € *

Cold Transport 24H-48H 0kg-10kg 10,99 €

*NOTE: Orders with MRW service delivery by 1pm next day will only be accepted until 1pm