Vinho Branco vs. Vinho Tinto? Qual escolher?

White Wine vs. Red Wine, which one to choose and which one is the most appropriate?
When it comes to choosing a good wine to celebrate an occasion, the doubt sometimes arises which of the two to choose.

✔Red wine is considered the most traditional type of wine. We suggest pairing it with red meats, stronger flavored cheeses such as gorgonzola, and with pastas and soufflés. Red wine harmonizes with more classic dishes.
✔In white wine, the taste is sweeter and the acidity is predominant. An interesting feature of white wine is that it can accompany different stages of a meal, from starter to dessert. We suggest accompanying it with seafood, white meat, and salads. Contrary to what many people think, the production of white wine can use red grapes, as long as the skin of the fruit is removed so as not to affect its pigmentation.
Both red and white wine are excellent antioxidants and its daily intake is recommended.
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