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  • PortugalFoods establishes partnership with Unique Flavours to boost online sales and internationally promote the excellence of the Portuguese agri-food sector

PortugalFoods formalized a partnership with the Portuguese online sales platform, Unique Flavours, to create the PortugalFoods Marketplace. This marketplace aggregates the best of what is produced in Portugal and allows companies to work the online sales channel with the final consumer and promote their products in the global market.

Deolinda Silva, executive director of PortugalFoods, explains the reasons that led this association to establish the partnership with Unique Flavours: "We follow the Unique Flavours project since its creation and consider that this e-commerce platform has features that align with the positioning of PortugalFoods. Besides the commercial aspect, this Marketplace bets on defending the national agro-food sector, for its excellence and quality.

Unique Flavours has comparative advantages over other e-commerce platforms, such as: brand and product valorization, established logistics with short delivery times, business and consumption information management and the possibility that in a single purchase, the consumer can receive a "basket" of diversified products.

This partnership will have two distinct strands, although complementary, since it will not only be a sales platform for the end consumer, but also a platform for international promotion of the sector, acting as a showcase, with a portfolio of companies / products that allows international buyers to contact with the national offer, in an integrated concept of "one stop shop", thus enhancing the achievement of future business in a logic "business to business".

This is one of several initiatives that PortugalFoods is developing as part of its digital strategy.

From October 16 you can discover the new national agro-food marketplace through the link https://uflavours.com/collections/portugalfoods

About PortugalFoods

A PortugalFoodsPortugalFoods, an association recognized as a cluster of the Portuguese agrifood sector, is currently made up of over 150 members: companies, entities of the national scientific system for the agrifood sector and other related entities. As the main interlocutor and facilitator of the sector, PortugalFoods sees itself as a platform that fosterswin-win relationships between its members, with the ultimate goal of producing and sharing knowledge as a support for innovation and internationalization capable of increasing the competitiveness of the national agri-food sector.

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