MAI Kombucha, a bebida do bem

First of all, do you know what kombucha is? It is a fermented tea made from the Camellia Sinensis plant, commonly known as black or green tea. Its transformation process can take a month or so and results in a beverage rich in health benefits. Some say it can prevent cancer and heart disease, as well as reduce inflammation and boost the immune and digestive systems. Hence it is considered the drink of good!

Kombucha must be taken chilled and not stirred before opening. It should be taken regularly and daily, but not in excess. Moderate consumption of Kombucha is always beneficial and positive. The most important thing, regardless of what occasion, is to drink it regularly and incorporate consumption like any other healthy habit you have in your life. It is a drink that goes with health and positivity!

Called tea of immortality or elixir of life, this drink has always been associated with natural processes, vital and rejuvenating powers. As the drink is made from fermented tea, it has come to be commonly called Kombu Cha. The culture of kombucha has spread throughout the world as an element of healing and, more recently, as a naturally healthy beverage associated with a complete and balanced lifestyle.

MAI Kombucha is one of the newest brands available in our online store, so we invite you to try the different flavors available, including ginger, lemon, or apple. Drink up and be happy!


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