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Looking for what to do to accompany the drink at a dinner among friends?uncomplicate it. Try a plank dinner.

In July, Teresa Rebelo, content creator and face behind the Lume Brando brand, shared on her digital platforms two boards made with exclusive Unique Flavours products.

After choosing some of our products, she put her hands on the 'board' and the result couldn't have been better.

We show you here two ideas of board dinners to try at home.

The 'dark mood' board was composed of the following products:

  • Crackers Capinhas Diplomata;
  • Minho Smoked Loin;
  • Almerinda Cured Goat Cheese;
  • Prisca Fig Jam;
  • Briosa Gourmet Codfish Pâté;
  • Biological Red Wine Lacrau.

The 'white mood' board consisted of:

  • Diplomata Sesame Crackers;
  • Serra d'Arga Minho Smoked Sausage;
  • Soalheiralves sheep and goat cheese;
  • Pepe Aromas Fig flower honey
  • Spicy mackerel pâté Briosa Gourmet;
  • Alvarinho wine Soalheiro.

Forget complicated dinners with full tables, Unique Flavours suggests trying some of these products and making a board dinner.

A meal rich with flavor and variety and a delicious and practical solution for those who want to gather friends to celebrate the festive days ahead, molded to the new reality!

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