Infusão do Mato Gelada com Morangos e Maçã: Infusões com História - Unique Flavours
For hot summer days, nothing better than a nice cold drink to refresh your day. Unique Flavours suggests you a recipe for Iced Mato Infusion with Strawberries and Apple: a fresh, light and tasty combination for the warmer days ahead. Try it, it's tasteful.

  • Infusão do Mato Lata Grande (Gourmet Medal, AVPA Paris 2020): Infusions with History;
  • 6 strawberries chopped not too small in size;
  • 1 apple chopped not too small
  • Ice to taste.
Method of Preparation:
  • Heat 1l of water to make the BIO Infusion (80º to 90º) (avoid water with chlorine, iron, etc.);
  • Place 5g of the aromatic plants of the Infusion of the bush in a pot and add the hot water;
  • Wait 5 to 10 minutes;
  • Remove the plants;
  • Allow the Infusion BIO to cool and then place in the refrigerator for an hour and a half;
  • Next, cut into a 1.5l jar the apple and strawberries;
  • Meanwhile, add the Infusion of the Mato and put ice;
  • Serve and feel the genuine Portuguese aromas of Infusões com História.

You can order the Infusão do Mato large can through the link:

It tastes good!

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