Guia de Harmonização de Vinho: Como Combinar Vinho e Comida?
The main purpose of pairings is to combine wine and food that share the same intensity. Today we present you a simple guide to know which wine to choose at dinner time.

-White wine: Pairing with lighter dishes is the best option. It combines with weightless dishes, such as sautéed seafood, sushi, salads and raw vegetables. If the chosen wine is more structured, it is possible to increase the weight of the food: tenderloin, filet mignon, or fatty fish, such as salmon and tambaqui.

- Red Wine: If it is red meat / game, look for a full-bodied red wine rich in tannins. Cured cheeses, various sausages, black olives, and cold meats are also an excellent choice as an accompaniment to this type of wine.

- Rosé wine: It is always a good alternative, since it is a versatile wine. Rosé has little or medium presence of tannin and good acidity, which makes this wine match with cold cuts, salty dishes, cheese and pasta.

- Sparkling: Sparkling wines are ideal to be served as a starter, with canapés and appetizers in general. But they can also be used in several other combinations, such as salty and fatty foods. It harmonizes well with feijoada, its refreshness and acidity cleans the mouth from the fat of meats; it also goes well with seafood, fish, and poultry.

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