Faça uma Tábua de Queijos/ Enchidos Irresistível

To share with those we love most around the table. Easy and delicious. Impress them with a Tábua de Queijos/Enchidos and enjoy the best of Portuguese flavor.

The important thing for a good cheese board is to have cheeses with different consistency, flavor, and intensity diversity will make the board visually beautiful and guarantee a diverse taste experience. In addition, a good choice of sausages is ideal for a memorable tasting.

Take a look at our suggestions.

The Unique Flavours Cheese Board is composed of:

  • Sheep Cheese 200g Casa do Favo, available here.
  • Selection of 3 Spicy Cheeses Dom Villas, available here.
  • Crackers with Rabaçal Cheese Mata-Bicho, available here.
  • Lactiser Butter-Sweetened Cured Sheep Cheese, available here.

The Unique Flavours Sausage Board consists of:

  • Original Crackers - Mata-Bicho, available here.
  • Chouriça de Carne 200g - Minho Fumeiro, available here.
  • Castrejo Ham - Delícias do Planalto, available here.
  • Chouriço Mouro 200g - Minho Fumeiro, available here.
  • Serra D'Arga Salpicão 200g - Minho Fumeiro, available here.
  • Spicy Cow Cheese - D'Alto, available here.
  • Physalis Jam with Port Wine 245g - Physalina, available here.

You can also add dried fruit - figs or apricots - as they are a fantastic combination with cheese.

To accompany cheese and sausages, nothing is better than black olives and crackers. Almonds, walnuts or hazelnuts are a classic on cheese boards that give them texture and refinement.

Be sure to include jams , jellies, and marmalades on your cheese board as they are always a tasting success.

There is no cheese without wine. Choosing the right wine for each quality of cheese is the final touch to surprise your friends and guarantee a tasteful tasting experience!

When buying the products together, enjoy a 15% discount on the set of products at checkout.

Take advantage now, it's tasteful!

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