Faça a sua Salada para o Verão: Azeite, Vinagre & Condimentos

Fresh, Fast and Delicious, Unique Flavours has prepared a nutritious and tasty salad for these warmer days. Delight yourself with the pictures below and recreate your dish by following the recipe below:

- Physalis Dehydrated Physalina
- Tomato w/ Rama
- Fresh Lettuce
- Smoked Salmon
- Currotons
- Oregano Cured Goat Cheese - Almerinda (Pack 2)
- Flavored Salt Earth Salt
- Pack 3 Tubes Dehydrated Fruit and Vegetables "Starters and Salads" - One Grams
- Olive Oil Pintarroxo Rosemary
- Red Wine Vinegar Prisca


- Place the Lettuce as a base
- Add all the ingredients described above...and voila!

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It is tasteful.

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