Experimente estas Harmonizações Gastronómicas Imperdíveis por Infusões com História

Do premium infusions go well with cheese, crackers and sweets?

Our answer is yes, and to prove how it is possible to create wonderful gastronomic pairings with infusions, teas and teas, we asked the brand Infusions with History for help. Discover the hampers we have prepared for you.

Tea Experience I

If you are a fan of matured cow's cheese and infusions that have floral floral notes, this basket is the the ideal choice. Besides the cheese and the infusion, you will also find crackers that containêwith cheese. These are the products of the basket:

  • Floral Infusion (flowers of fennel, elderberry and hypericum)
  • Cured Cow Cheese "A Queijeira" - Lactimaf
  • Crackers with Rabaçal Cheese - Mata Bicho
  • Premium Box

You can purchase this Cabaz, here.

Tea Experience II

This Cabaz has intensity, very strong ingredients, and and interesting flavors. The cheese é sheep's milk buttery and the infusion explores the organic flavors of rosemary, walnut leaves e laurelbut also chamomile (native species of the Douro region). As for the crackers, they add the the aromas of garlic and oregano.

The basket contains these products:

  • Large Tin Balsamic Infusion
  • Butter Sheep Cheese 530g - D'Alto
  • Crackers Ondina Garlic & Oregano 125G - Diplomat Biscuit
  • Premium Box

You can purchase this Basket, here.

Tea Experience III

In this third option, we decided to add a product to the basket, that is, a physallis candy.

The cheese is again cow's milk buttered (from another producer), the infusion expresses the best that can be found on the slopes of the Douro River, in the terraces of the vineyards and presents the lovers of this drink and the crackers enrich this set.

In this basket you will find the following products:

  • Large can of Subtle Infusion (thyme bela-luz, laurel and walnut leaves)
  • Butter Sheep Cheese 500g - Lactiser
  • Physalis Physalis Jam 245g - Physalina
  • Crackers Seven Leaves 125G- Diplomata Biscuit
  • Gift Box

You can purchase this Basket, here.

Tea Experience IV

To finish, we present another basket containing an infusion, a sweet, crackers and a cheese.

Starting with the last product, the cheese is matured goat cheese, the crackers contain sesame, the infusion (thanks to the particularities of the exclusive blend) features the Douro region, e the jam adds lightness and a touch and a wild touch.

The basket has the following products inside:

  • Large tin Estival Infusion (oregano, Roman chamomile flowers, bay leaves and hickory).
  • Cured Goat Cheese - Prados de Melgaço
  • Crackers Ondina Sesame 125G - Diplomat Biscuit
  • Blueberry Jam 240g - Floryptus
  • Gift Box

You can purchase this Basket, here.

Order one of these Baskets and promote incredible moments

Choose your favorite hamper and order one of these sets.

Know that the hampers were prepared and the products chosen by Unique Flavours, according to the instructions of the Sommelier David Teixeira, official ambassador of the Infusions with History.

Celebrate the moments as a couple or take a break in your day with our help. It's in good taste.

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