Como Realizar uma Compra na Unique Flavours? - Unique Flavours

Making a purchase on our site has never been easier.

Today we present a short tutorial on how to make a purchase on our site simply and quickly:

  1. Browse through our site's categories: Unique Flavours Marketplace: exclusive Portuguese gourmet products; PortugalFoods Marketplace: excellence products from the agro-food sector and Vale do Minho Marketplace: regional products from the Minho Valley;
  2. Once you have decided on the products you want and adjusted the quantity you want, select "Add to Cart";
  3. After all products selected, in the upper right corner, you can find your shopping cart. Click and check that everything you want is there. Confirm that you have selected the desired weights/sizes and quantities.
  4. If in doubt about the shipping charges, you can estimate the shipping charges in the lower section.
  5. Click Checkout, once everything is verified.
  6. We are at the final stage! Time to fill in your information: your email or mobile number, name and shipping address.
  7. Click "Continue to Shipping" and then fill out the page for the shipping method: CTT Express, MRW and Cold Shipment (24h-48h: recommended for shipments with perishable products or products that may spoil in the heat)
  8. Click on "Proceed to payment" and select the payment method you wish.
  9. In case you want to invoice your order with other information, different from the one you filled out for the shipment, select "Use a different billing address" right below and fill out the information you want to invoice. In case it is the same select "Same as shipping address".
  10. Click "Pay now". Your order will be placed and confirmed in your e-mail. It will arrive within 24-48 hours.

You can also follow the tutorial below if you have any questions or send an email to

It has never been so easy. It's in good taste!

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