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It was still in quarantine times, that our blogger and partner, Teresa Rebelo from Lume Brando, accepted our challenge to prepare a #MyUniqueFlavour Easter brunch. After selecting the products in our store, she put her hands in the dough and the result couldn't have been tastier. She gave us two simple and delicious recipes: tomato and mackerel bruschettas and mini pancakes with lemon curd and red fruits.

Quick Tomato and Mackerel Bruschettas Recipe


- 6 small slices of rustic bread

- 1 can of mackerel fillets in Dama Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

- Tomato paste for Espiga bruschettas

- Rocket arugula or cannelloni to serve


- Toast the slices of bread.

- Spread them with Tomato paste

- Distribute pieces of mackerel among the toasts spread with Tomato paste

- Garnish with rocket or dogwood leaves and drizzle each toast with a drizzle of olive oil from the can

Mini Pancake Recipe with Lemon Curd and Red Fruits



- 1 egg

- 100g unleavened flour

- 15g brown sugar

- 160 ml milk

- 30ml olive oil

- 1.5 teaspoons baking powder

- A pinch of tea


- Lemon Curd Prisca

- Red Fruits in Grape Juice - Espiga

- Powdered sugar


- Combine all the ingredients for the pancakes in the robot and pulse until you have a uniform batter.

- Heat well a non-stick frying pan brushed with olive oil.

- Make the pancakes, measuring the batter with a tablespoon.

- Serve with the Lemon Curd and red fruits, and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

To drink, Teresa chose two wines from our cellar:

Pó de Poeira White e Vale de Cavalos Red Wine.

Bon Appetite! 😋


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