A História e Origem da Minho Fumeiro

The best smoked meats and charcuterie in the North: Minho Fumeiro.
We dedicate some of our time to study the origin of the prestigious brand Minho Fumeiro and understand where so much quality and flavor comes from.

1913 - Casa Borges: First Generation

Coming from a very humble family, Mr. Borges' visionary and entrepreneurial spirit led him to create a space that was completely revolutionary for its time, the "Mercearia Borges". Already at that time, the grocery store had a wide range of products and services: coffee roasting, cereal and sugar milling, etc.
In this convenience store, of course, there was no shortage of sausages. These were preserved in granite salting machines with wooden lids and in clay jars submerged in olive oil.

Second Generation

The business continued later by the hand of Mr. João Borges and Mrs. Maria Alves' children: Mrs. Gracinda Borges and her husband, Mr. Casimiro. At Casa Borges, by this time, they were also working with meatsweekly slaughtering and sale to the sold to the public.

Third Generation

In constant evolution, the meats started to be worked on in a professional way with the accompaniment of veterinarians and sanitary inspections. Thus, the well-known Casa Borges was joined by the opening of the doors of a licensed space - the butcher shop.

This leap was driven by the daughter of Mrs. Gracinda Borges and Mr. Casimiro: Mrs. Fernanda Borges together with her husband, Mr. Ribeiro. They made sure that the butcher shop was sought after by people from several regions of the country. This was the space that led the supply of Ponte de Lima's houses and restaurants with its well-known fresh meat.

1993: Foundation of Minho Fumeiro- Fourth Generation

The grocery store and the butcher shop continued prospering under the management of Mrs. Fernanda and Mr. Ribeiro's daughter: Mrs. Sílvia Borges and her husband, Mr. António Paulino.

With the passage of time they specialized Casa Borges in certain products: meats and offal, wines, frozen foods and fine groceries - a kind of Portuguese agri-food showroom. In addition, both improved the art of working with meats and devised a business strategy that and outlined a business strategy that would accompany the reality of large-scale distribution.They decided to concentrate most of the business on the production of sausages and smoked meats.

In the 90's, Minhofumeiro was already a brand with a licensed structure.

The 2000s

In 2005, Minhofumeiro obtained, as the first company in Portugal in the sector, the ISO 22000 certification.

In 2010, Minhofumeiro made partnerships with Chefs, publishing recipe books with some of the most recognized national and international Chefs.

In 2013, the company decided to license to export to the Brazilian market.

Also this year, the products and the Minhofumeiro brand gained a new expression with the creation of a Mobile House and a traveling Citroen HY to enter the Street Food/Street Food market and be present in
various public events, concerts and festivals.

In 2020 the launch ofour new website www.minhofumeiro.pttook place.

The history, tradition, dedication and innovation of MinhoFumeiro in all products, with the convenience and quality you deserve.

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Source: https://minhofumeiro.pt/historia

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