A História de Dona Antónia Adelaide Ferreira: Casa da Ferreirinha

On this International Women's Day, we remember the achievements of women who, throughout history, have fought for their rights and made a name for themselves in Portuguese history. This is how Dona Antónia Ferreira was known.
Noted for her wine cultivation and her remarkable innovations, Dona Antónia Adelaide Ferreira, better known by the affectionate name of Ferreirinha, was born in 1811 into a family of wine growers and small merchants of Port Wine.
Thanks to a combination - rare for the time - of vision, courage, independence of spirit and entrepreneurship, she developed the family business impressively, becoming the owner of the largest agricultural heritage of the Douro and owner of one of the largest fortunes in the country.
After the death of Dona Antónia, her heirs established in 1898 a limited liability company called Companhia Agrícola e Comercial dos Vinhos do Porto - which was mostly known as "Casa Ferreirinha" - whose purpose was to produce, age and market the wines from the grapes of the different farms of the family, today the denoted Ferreirinha, the pioneer and leading brand of non-fortified wines in the Douro.

Today Francisco, Luísa and Jaime are linked to the management of the company, each one in their own role, and share the same passion for wine. From one harvest to the next they respect tradition and keep an open mind to innovation. The whole Olazabal family brings their enthusiasm and contributes to perpetuate D. Antónia's project of making Quinta do Vale Meão a model Quinta in its own time.

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