A Casta Alvarinho: Origem, Características e Harmonizações

It is one of the most admirable Portuguese grape varieties, originating from the northwestern Peninsula.

Alvarinho is a typical Portuguese grape, originating from Melgaço, Vinho Verde Region. The Spanish try to claim its origin, claiming to be from Galicia. There it takes the name Albariño.

Currently it is planted in several regions in Portugal, but it is in the sub-region of Monção and Melgaço that it is revealed and reaches its full potential due to its unique terroir in the world. This region is protected by a set of mountains that create conditions of precipitation, temperature and hours of sunshine necessary for the best maturation of this grape variety.

It is one of the most remarkable white grape varieties and considered by many to be the best in Portugal. It has low production, since its bunches are small and seeded. The grape has a thick skin, which allows it to withstand cold. It has high sugar content, which results in more alcoholicwines, and high acidity.


Alvarinho wines are delicate and perfumed, but well structured. Even being a white wine, Alvarinho presents a relatively high amount of tannins. It's a very aromatic variety, with notes that mix flowers and fruits, with nuances of banana, lemon, apple, passion fruit, lemon balm and orange blossom. The palate is fresh, with citrus and mineral notes, and balanced acidity.

It has an alcohol content above 11%, when compared to the other varieties of Vinhos Verdes, which are around 9%. It has great aging potential, lasting up to ten years of age with all its fullness.

Even if it has the capacity for fermentation in wood, the gain will hardly be greater than the loss of fruit. But some producers are betting on this, precisely to give a new face to the region.

They are wines to be drunk chilled, but not too cold, so that they do not lose their aromas. The ideal is to serve between 10 and 12 degrees.


The Alvarinho wines are light, fruity, mineral and with good acidity. And for having these characteristics its harmonization is compatible with a variety of recipes. Alvarinho matches perfectly with sea food, such as: fat fish, grilled or roasted codfish, sardines, seafood with strong flavor, oysters and Japanese cuisine. It also goes well with pork and poultry, from grilled to as a filling in rice or risotto.

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